Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Glaze-y Shade of Winter!

A few weeks ago a friend had asked me how she could "jazz up" her locks without the maintainance of color treatments and spending a bunch of dollars. Especially because the count-down for all Holiday related gatherings are just around the corner despite it being the 6th day of December.
I immediately started to think back to when I decided to experiment with hair color in Jr. High and how to minimize damage, my mom recommeded a clear glaze to enhance my hair.
Back in the day I used Clairol's Jazzing- that was my solution for my friends hair debacle.
Now, after thinking about how the weather has been hovering around the lower 40's and the snow flurries yesterday, the wind today and the 3 holiday parties next week ( and a partridge in a pear tree, j/k)- I need to whip my hair into shape as well!
Since Ricky's was all sold out of Jazzing's Clear, I was recommended Kiss's Express Colors in Crystal Clear. Like Jazzing, it is great for chemically treated and natural hair.
After my sunday evening blowout , I'm happy with my results and am excited to have saved some doll-hairs for some holiday shopping !

disclaimer: both Clairol Jazzing and Kiss Express Colors were purchased by me.

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