Monday, July 1, 2013

Riri Hearts MAC: Riri Woo reviewed

Riri Woo.. at the kitchen table

Riri Woo Swatched

Before the chaos that was the Riri Hearts MAC on June 18th,  I picked up Riri Woo at the MAC Times Square store on quiet rainy day in May. I was ready for the MA to tell me that the lippie was all sold out but instead showed me the boxes that were available.. don't know if even a lippie is available now. I haven't been to the store since my purchase and I just checked the website and Riri Woo is on backorder until the middle of this month. Pressing on.

 Riri Woo is described as a "Matte Cool Red" retro matte lipstick but unfortunately the color description doesn't do the product justice as Ruby Woo is Riri Woo's bigger sister on the age spectrum and as far as color, both Woos are very similar.
I love the light textures of the retro mattes and this one is no different. The lipcolor stayed on for over 4 hours, including dinner and left a nice tint when rounding the 4th hour.

If you don't have this color already try to hold on for the next 2-3 weeks, its worth the wait.

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