Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dupe it: Chanel Mimosa 577

So somewhere in the cosmetic universe there is a dupe for Chanel's Mimosa? Yes there is!
But be advised, just as Mimosa is limited edition, so is its $4 dupe buddy, Maybelline's Banana Bamba.
I stumbled upon the latter at Rite Aid while perusing the isles looking for a dupe for the beloved but way since discontinued, MAC's YumYam. Though YumYam was creamier and lacked shimmer, I put Banana Bamba away n my nail drawer. Now , two nights ago while looking for a nail color change up, I grabbed Banana Bamba and placed it next to Mimosa, and the colors from the bottle looked identical. They are both shimmery yellow and it took three coats per nail for proper coverage.
Next step, I took the flash picture above since I was lacking proper sunlight and have been with our wacky sunny for 2 seconds and hovering rain cloud NYC weather.

If want to experiment with a Mimosa like color but at a cheaper price, you will be in luck with Maybelline's Banana Bamba.


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Wow, the bottled polishes look identical!! I guess only a flash helps see the difference...

Lacroix said...

yes, it was kind of hard to photograph this color in natural light.