Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring 2011 Hair: The Nouveau Bob

Wake up, you're not dreaming!

Roughly a month ago, I started to notice that my hair needed a change. My strands were limp and frankly, I was tired of cutting my hair myself!
I started to do some research, as a transplant from San Diego, I'd been going to Anthony Randall every leap year since I was 18. But now, I'm devoid of his trusted hands and am in a sea of new salons. I had no clue where to start! Should I go for the $400 cut with a celeb stylist? Ok, no maybe I just need a trim? Do they accept walk-in's? I can't wait until Sept?!
Then I remembered this place I always passed in the East Village on my way to Tokyo Joe's and Buffalo Exchange, Soon Beauty Lab. It looked pretty chill on the outside so I decided to stop by on a rainy Monday Evening.
Having relaxed hair, I'm precautious of places that 1. are scissor happy and 2. don't understand that I need moisture like no one's business. Nicole at Soon Beauty Lab removed all doubt and gave me a much needed hair reminder ( i.e. REMINDER: No Serums!) and a fabulous new hair cut, evening my hair leaving it thick and long enough to put in a ballet bun (my daily) or pony tail. The cut was well worth the price $70! Plus trims are $15 so I can up keep every other month.

Now, a month later, I slept the evening before with 2 ballet buns on my head and combed my hair out into this slightly wavy do that lasted all day! I was so excited about my 'do , I took a flash-blink photo ( plus I was make-up free and on my way out the door to work).

If you are in the city and looking for a great new spring look, check out Soon!
318 E.11th St
(btw 1st/2nd av)
Chelsea location
54 W. 22nd St
(btw 5th/6th av)

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