Monday, April 18, 2011

Moin Cher: Chloe Spring/Summer 2011

Moin cher please!

As an avid lover of french designer labels, I find myself wondering how I can I afford a high fashion label and afford to eat each month ( though PB& J for a month isn't entirely a bad option..) and how can I re-create runway looks from the stores around in my area.
Well the latter can be applied if you are looking for the Spring/Summer ready-to-wear full-length skirt look from Chloe.
My guestimation is that Chloe's full length skirt will run you somewhere between an arm and a leg. But while in American Apparel, shopping for my Dr. Bronner's Lavender soap I checked out a rack of chiffon full length Skirts, they look almost identical to the Chloe look and are a fraction less ($50).
So if you are looking to experiment with full-length skirts but don't want to dish out the funds for something you may wear once and bundle at the bottom of your closet, go moin cher and pick up the AmAp version.

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