Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DIY: 4 Homemade Household Beauty Remedies

What beauty lies within your cabinets and pantries? Here are 4 products that can help you from head to toe without even stepping out of the house.

Baking Soda
Purpose: Absorption and Exfoliation.

-Blemish treatment- Create a paste with a pinch of Baking Soda and a tiny bit of water and apply to your pimples for 15 minutes to minimize your breakout.
- Facial Scrub and/or Speedy Pedicure - Baking Soda can be used as an exfoliator for your face and your  feet when in a hurry. Scrub with a handful of baking soda and a cap full of water.
- Spill solver- Absorbs oils on clothing, just sprinkle a dime size amount onto your spill and rinse the affected area.

Purpose: Lighten and Brighten.
In a previous post, I touched a bit on how Lemons are effective as an all natural deodorant but they can also be used to lighten your locks and nails.
- DIY Ombre Hair- use lemon to bleach the tips of your hair with this mixture: 1/4 cup of lemon juice, 1/2 cup of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar. Afterward, to condition your hair, use olive oil to protect your new color.
- Whiten your nails by rubbing lemons on the tips and follow-up with soaking in warm water for 15 minutes.
- Create a brightening facial with a mix of honey, lemon, oatmeal and water. All these mixed together can create a moisturizing and brightening mask. Recommended time to leave on, 15 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Purpose: Clarifying, Detangling and Dandruff-free.

- Detangler- A mix of 3/4 water to 1/4 Apple Cider Vinegar is my favorite post shampoo mix. Just this bit of ACV detangles my hair and gets rid of any post shampoo bubbles and product buildup. If the smell is too strong for you, when making your mixture, boil Rosemary , Lavender or Mint into the water to get rid of the sour smell.

Baby Powder
Purpose: Oil Absorbing.

- Dry Shampoo- Sprinkle a bit of Baby Powder onto sections of your hair that are full of product. Then take a Bristol brush and brush the powder out. This gets rid of some of the product but just make sure that you brush the remnants out or you will look like Beetle Juice ( for those with dark hair).

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