Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gleam Supreme:Topshop Sunrise Highlighter

Topshop Sunrise Highlighter

Sunrise Highlighter swatch with no Flash

Sunrise Highlighter Swatch with Flash

As you may or may not know, highlighters and bronzers are two things I covet when it comes to cosmetics. I think it's because I was too young to appreciate the contouring of the Eighties! I guess now its time to shine!
Topshop brings a highlighter that is part of its permanent makeup line that is truely made for everyone. Sunrise Highlighter can be used as either a cheek lighter or a bronzer, I use it interchangibly as the copper tone of the baked mineral powder works as a highlighter between the apples of my cheek and my temple and for the body, it gives a warm toasty tone of my clavical and shoulders. The product looks baked and the compact fits in the palm of your hand. I know Topshop is opening new stores soon, but not soon enough! You can check this out online at

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