Monday, June 27, 2011

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

Hey There! Its officially summer and I'm ready to get busy with lots of reviews on some beloved products that can keep you looking scorching hot without feeling the wrath of the sun!
Up first for summer is my new favorite once a week leave-in conditioning cream and my favorite beauty mistake, Oribe's Supershine Moisturizing Cream!
While traveling in LA in March, I stopped by Fred Segal's  New Beauty Apothecary to browse and ended up enamored with all the ranges of products! The sales assistant there was helpful as I told her that I was traveling without any hair products to use while in town and was preparing for a night out with my friends in West Hollywood. She pointed me in the direction of Oribe and picked up the Supershine Moisture cream and said that a little goes along way. I rubbed a bit in my hands and then added to my hair and was in love with the lightly floral/fruity fragrance. She then told me that the 5 oz. bottle was $24. So, I decided to get it- as I thought that the price was pretty good. Well, this was the mistake because as the sales guy rang me up, the price was actually $49. I think my jaw dropped, had I been looking to purchase this before hand, I would have done some research on the price but as I was in the area and was looking for a great product- this was steep!
Luckily, the sales guy who was listening to our hair engagement all along told me about the misquote and rang me up for the mentioned $24. Looking back on this experience has made me think, if I run out of my cream now, I would probably buy another, price-tag or not. This cream is an excellent moisturizer and provides great shine!
Where to find: Fred Segal Beauty, C.O, Bloomingdales

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