Thursday, August 4, 2011

American Apparel NEON Nail Lacquer: Neon Red - Review

"As bright as day as bright as night.." just to semi-paraphrase the Green Lantern, is how I would describe American Apparel's NEON  Nail Lacquer collection. Actually, a deadpan word to describe the colors is "Fluo" in every french sense of the work.  The shade I chose to demystify is Neon Red simply because red wasn't present at all, the color is more like an electric watermelon. While there is little to no hint of red in this lacquer, the color is rather impressive. Extremely bold and attention grabbing that the sales woman in AmAp commented on the shade when I tested in on my pinkie finger but when I got home, I reserved this color for swatches and to brighten my toes.


MarsĂ­dia said...

I love neon colors!
So I love this one hehe
Huge kiss <3

Lacroix said...

Hi Marsidia! I'm glad you like the color!