Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall Sneek Preview: Duri's Cognac XO 561 Nail Polish

Duri cosmetics' Cognac XO 561 nail polish

We are halfway through Summer and I'm finding little reminders of Fall already. The majority of the trees on my block have shed their leaves (check), I'm finding myself looking at "Back to School" attire when walking through stores (check), reminiscing on watching Daria and catching up on My So Called Life on instant Netflix ( um..check), experimenting with warmer, denser colors for my lips and eyes for Fall to blog about ( double check). Then, last week after coming back from vacation, I received a nail polish sample from Duri's Fall 2011 " Wine Tasting Party" Nail Color collection and decided to preview fall give or take a few weeks.

Duri's Wine Tasting Party Collection boasts 6 nail colors that range from shimmery violet to shades of red. One of the colors I tried, 561 Cognac XO ( pictured) is a warm terracotta that is really easy to apply ( 2 coats), dries quickly ( roughly 5 minutes) , is DBP, toulene and formaldeheyde-free AND is only $5.00 for .5 fl oz. Other colors from the collection include 562- Bloody Mary, 563 Pinot Noir, 564 Cabernet Sauvignon, 566- Dragontini and 567 Grape Swirl.

The collection is available September 2011 via or by calling 1-800-724-2216.
For Android and iPhone App users, Duri Cosmetics has a FREE nail color and treatment app so you can try on your nail color shade virtually.

disclaimer: I received this product for potential review.

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