Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall 2011 Looks: Rodarte's Rustic Inspired Lips

 Photos: and MAC Cosmetics 

MAC Photo lipstick swatch

I'm always anxious to see what looks Rodarte comes up with for their RTW fashion shows and was sorely disappointed when their MAC collaboration didn't pan out, I'm still holding out hope that they will create a makeup collab, after all for Spring 2012 NARS will now command the looks for the show. Ok, back to Fall 2011 where the look conjured "Mid-West, Prairie and Rustic" and the official lipstick chosen for the Rodarte this season is MAC's Photo.
Photo has been in MAC's lipstick lineup for quite along time. I remember looking at the color a few years ago trying to wrap my head around how to make it work albeit without trying it on. Just looking at the color from the tube reminds me of Rayanne Graff from My So Called Life and her makeup application moments in the ladies room, so mid-ninties, so passed over but definitely worth the try.
So after applying then walking around Soho busily looking in the mirror, I walked back into MAC and purchased Photo for my own. I had to do a bit of application adjusting as Photo has a Satin finish ( that's how you can tell its an older color, MAC now pushes Glosses, Glazes and Glass finishes) so I used a lighter hand. Overall I'm pleased with this re-earthed gem that Rodarte has brought to my attention.

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