Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Lipstick Queen's Jean Queen Lipstick

Jean Queen Lipstick

Jean Queen Lipstick Swatched

Since moving to NYC a little over 3 years ago, I've noticed that jeans (denim) are not much of a wardrobe staple as they are in California. I've also noticed that jeans have a strong connection to leisure (" oh, I'll just throw some jeans on and [insert grungy outdoor activity here]" or they are associated with Back to School as almost any public school student can get away with wearing jeans. Even a number of August issues of magazines are dedicated to denim! But now acid-wash, bootcut, low-rise and pocket-less jean lovers can wear a lipcolor dedicated to coordinate with your closet full of multi-color and fitted Levi's, J Brand, Rock & Republic and Marc Jacobs.

Lipstick Queen created a lovely pink shade that suites all beauties of color called Jean Queen. The hue offsets the blue in denim for a colors that works for all. Jean Queen comes in two formulas, the first being a classic bullet lipstick that is sheer in texture and gradually builds and the second is an opaque gloss. Both are available for $18 at Barneys, Bloomingdales or

I've had Jean Queen milling about in my makeup drawer for a few months now since I received it from a Barney's event. I started to use it when I went on vacation a few weeks ago and I'm pleased that I can apply 2-3 swipes and am ready where usually with pinks I have to check the mirror both indoor and out to make sure the color doesn't leave my lips looking ashy.

Do you have a favorite lipcolor you like to wear with your denim? 

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