Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY Gifts: Magazine Cover Clutch

 Magazine Clutch- Finished product

What do you with your old magazines after you tear out your inspiring color stories, editorials and ad campaigns? Specifically, what do you do with the cover of your dated but more than loved mags?
This weekend for my friends birthday, I needed something fun to put a few fun knacks, and discovered that a magazine cover also makes for a kitschy clutch!

- Magazine Cover
- Scissors
- Hot Glue Gun

First, I sourced my mags and found V magazine is the longest and the cover is pretty glossy, which could make for sturdy material. I then folded the cover in half and created two folds about 2-3 inches above and below the center as my "bottom"of the clutch. Then I created a triangle by bringing the two ends together and gently pulling the bottom half of the cover down so that there is room at the top for a flap. Next I creased about an inch on each side of the page and folded the page in so that I could superglue the ends together. After supergluing the sides, I folded the page inwards 1/2 inch once more and glued the sides to the page leaving the top flap open. Once the glue is dry, you can use your hand to push the inside of the clutch out. With the top flap, you will fold it over the bottom of the page ( which is now at the top of the clutch) and ta da! You have your mag clutch!

gluing the sides down.

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