Thursday, January 12, 2012

Captain Blankenship's Rosey Red Lip balm

Ahoy, rosey kisser!

A few months ago I had dinner with my friend Danielle at a really cool Italian restaurant in Soho. Amidst chatting about life, DIY projects and her boyfriends hand crafted boat  (really cool!), she whipped out a little  pretty tin of lip balm and said, "you have to get to CatBird and check this stuff out, its so cute and I know you will love it!" I remember saying that she sold at CatBird!
Fast forward the holiday season when my friend from France was visiting all that Brooklyn has to offer, including lunch on Bedford Ave. In our Brunch and Buy mode, we stopped into CatBird and I saw Captain Blankenship's Rosey Red lip balm on the counter. I tested the color, which is a highly pigmented deep red, I think you can also use it as a blush too.
I checked the Captain Blankenship website here, and saw that the Rosey Red stain was from carmine with rose geranium. Further, I was impressed by the all natural ingredients including the California organic almond oil!
If you would like to try the Rosey Red lip balm, you should definitely check out Captain 

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