Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch Nail Lacquer Review and Swatches

TF Bitter Bitch Swatch in indoor light
TF Bitter Bitch Swatch with flash

 Tom Ford's Bitter Bitch Nail Lacquer has been on the lips of ever woman and man that step foot into the Tom Ford area of Bergdorf Goodman's basement beauty department. While I was checking out the new collection in November, having missed Mr. Ford and the initial batch of Bitter Bitch sold out, I was still curious about the shade. For a hefty $30, a nail lacquer with quality, color consistency, and wear shouldn't be a question since we all know that Tom Ford's name on almost anything is prestigious. On a Saturday afternoon I found myself at the TF area chatting up a makeup artist about Bitter Bitch and the new lipsticks and about 30 minutes later I found myself at home with a bottle of Bitter Bitch and a tube of Deep Mink ready to experiment with the most expensive makeup I have purchased since leaving my comfortable job and becoming a full-time MBA student!

Bitter Bitch is an enigmatic neutral, meaning it looks different on everyone! The MUA described it as such as well. Its no Chanel Particuliere, which is a muted brown grey- I found the color of Bitter Bitch to be in the chocolate-wine category, very vamp and boudoir. The coverage is very rich- n skimping on pigment.
The applicator was great, I haven't experienced a brush that can coat as effectively after the first dip as this brush- so I only needed two coats per nail. The polish also dried within 10-15 minutes and didn't require any help to speed up the process ( i.e. a fan or a fast drying top coat).
The look lasted for a week without chipping or any other nail damage!

Overall, The polish is great and well worth the price for the quality you get. I would suggest that with this color you should see it for yourself in person to gauge how it will look on you as the pictures of swatches available on the TF and Bergdorf Sites do not do the color justice.


DeeDee said...

Very vampy. I love it.

Lacroix said...

Thanks DeeDee!