Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top Five Beauty Trends for 2012

As we move on from 2011, do you think that we can hold fast to the colors and trends that have dominated the past few months? Will there be a victor from the hodgepodge of trends that have cyclically surfaced every 3 to 5 years?
To date, The Lipstick Index tried and failed to predict sales and trends and judging by the past few years we now can safely say that the Nail Color Index can attribute to the influx of spending in the nail care sector, so much so that Nail Color sales were $328 million in 2010, dominating over other color cosmetics.
Will Nail Domination continue in 2012? Here are my top 5 most- unscientifically hypothesized ganders for what 2012 will bring for us color cosmetic enthusiasts.

1. Beauty for the Ages

We all can generalize and say that gloss is for the teens and tweens, lipsticks are from the young adult to professional crowd and that everyone else just doesn't exist.. just kidding. Well, it sure does seem that way- the oldest beauty ambassador on the roster is Ellen DeGeneris who is in her Mid- 50's, well done cosmetic companies! But what about 50 and over? MAC Cosmetics answered the call of " All Ages" ( coincidentally their tag line) and will release the MAC for Iris Aphel collection this month. Iris is almost a centurion and is still fashionable in every way. Another cosmetic venture, Fabulousat60.com a lifestyle website for Baby Boomers who can also get their beauty fix.

2. Natural is as Natural Does

Cosmeticeuticals are once again up for debate. Borba has tried it and new products are coming soon that will give you all the nutrients you need so that your inner health is reflected on the outside, and it will taste good! I guess it beats the one pill to cure everything but also poses a problem if you have to have a mixed cocktail to strengthen hair, reduce oiliness in skin and boost the immune system..

3. The Unpredictable Coveted Beauty Collaborations

One day next year, or if I'm lucky enough to go to Japan in the fall, I will be able to order a lipstick alongside my Cassis Macaron at LadureƩ. I'm so excited that LadureƩ is stepping into the world of color cosmetics! Judging by the quality of their Candles, Fragrances, Teas and Macarons, their cosmetic collection will be nothing short of amazing! Other completely left-field-but-totally-can't wait collections include: Pantone and Sephora. On another note, why doesn't MAC partner up with Sprinkles cupcakes for some lip colors or nail polishes or better yet one of my favorite NYC stores, Opening Ceremony!

4. Global Beauty Love!

Some color cosmetics companies are good at others with this one, its teaching the US consumers about what is effective and special about products that do well abroad. For example, The BB creams that were released here didn't go so well. Why? because the Makeup Artists were not really trained to tell you what they were and how do they work! 
I think that more companies need to explore the Global Embrace, educate don't imitate nor dominate. Another example, if you are inspired by Baja Mexico, do your research, make the campaign look amazing and show how to work the colors, textures and tones into the everyday or special occasion looks.

5. The end of the Glittery Nail Struggle

I've posted before on my struggle with glitter nail polish, soaking doesn't work, rubbing takes off the color, not the glitter, twisting causes scratching on my nail surface..its a useless battle that has me sitting the bench instead of participating in the glitter party. Can someone please re-develop a formula so that glitter nail polish can easily be taken off without the threat of harming yourself in the process?

That is all for 2012.


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