Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday!

It's my blog's 5th Birthday today! Yay!
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my enthusiasm for color cosmetics thus far. Just to think,  I started LTBB to get out there and talk about upcoming beauty collections and events that I attended in San Diego and now I'm in NYC getting invited to cool events, meeting cool people and still talking about my passion for color cosmetics!
Cheers and Thanks for sticking around and reading my experiences, trials and tribulations and food for thought in my favorite hobby.

XOXO Lacroix


DeeDee said...

You know I adore your blog. Congrats! BTW, loving the Chanel nail candy♥

Lacroix said...

Thank you so much DeeDee! You are wonderful! I actually need to re-shoot some of my Chanel Nail color wall..