Sunday, March 22, 2009

House of Style 2.0

Did you check out the new House of Style? if not it's here.
My verdict: Not bad. I do miss the days of Amber and Shalom- they were fun and Molly Sims was great too.
Bar Raffielli is just as bad as Cindy Crawford, she sounds monotonous and scripted but I guess posing in the middle of talking makes up for it right? This means no seeing Naomi Campbell with zit cream on her face.. aww I miss the 90's.
Chanel as the  fashion correspondent who covered gadgets and a dinner party was fluff, I think it was mildly insulting that she go to Erin Fetherston's party yet she wasn't casted in the Fall '09 show. She should have been the backstage correspondent for a show that she was in this season.. say Marc Jacobs?
This new upgraded 2.0 HOS should be hosted by Stam, Jessica Stam as she didn't sounds as scripted even soundt relatable vs. Bar. 

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