Monday, March 16, 2009

MAC Sugarsweet Collection

I've been on a MAC hiatus for longer than usual..well- not true. 
HK was the last collection I was into but prior to that was CoC.
So now Spring is upon us this week and the powers that be are launching a saccharine collection March 19th- Sugarsweet!

More likely than not I'm going to skip out on 95% of what this collection has to offer. 
Why? because now is not the time ( realistically).
But, I have to say I will be getting the re-launch of Bubbles lipstick. I remember when this was featured in Seventeen Magazine back in 1997 when MAC created the lipstick for Issac Mizrahi's runway show!
It was dc'd as of 2002-2003, and if you wanted - pay a boatload for Bubbles on ebay. 
Well now here is your chance to stock up.

The other item, Peppermint Patti- a mint green nail polish, a great spring staple plus something to look forward to considering Chanel's fall  09 makeup collection won't come out until the years end.

Additionally, the campaign is great! It reminds me of Marie Antoinette in a way and the contrast of colors is bold and wearable to those who dare.
to check out the collection- has promo pics and descriptions.

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