Monday, March 30, 2009

TOP SHOP - Thursday, April 2nd

Are you ready?
Last week, I ventured to the LES on my lunch break and lo and behold- I was greeted by the Top SHop Hearts Challenger 2. 
About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ben of the Heartschallenger at a Paper Magazine party hosted by Jeremy Scott. So seeing the van made me happy. Though the Heartschallenger was not on board, I did get a free tote bag that had some Top Shop schwag in it. yay!
So next week, it looks like there will be DJ's ( I can't wait for Andrew Andrew's set!), Makeovers by Makeup forever, Manicures and blowouts!
I probably won't make the Thursday grand opening as Ariel Pink will be in town and I don't want to miss his show..Friday definately!

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