Wednesday, October 14, 2009

$25 Debate: Salon Pedi vs. Buying Polish

My work colleague and I frequent this economical debate- buying $25 nailpolish vs. getting a $25 pedicure.
While she chooses the latter and playfully shames me for buying pricey nailpolish/ varnishes ( she’s not the only one, my mom does too) , I stand firm with my position on polishes.
I buy my own polishes and do DIY pedicures at home while watching movies and listening to music- this is part of my relaxation “me” time. Plus, its more economical for me to do it myself as opposed to going to a salon, scheduling a time, waiting for a dryer, etc. I can do my nails any time I please for the price of a polish.

While the vast majority receive Pedi services, that’s cool but have you ever seen the nail tech open a fresh bottle of nail polish for you and throw it away after use?
I’ve never witnessed this? Thus, this is the part that skeeves me- how many people have used the same polishes in the nail salon as you? Especially when its trendy. i.e Fall is known for dark polishes- everyone is sporting it thus tons flock to get their nails done all using the same polish. Um yeah. If someone has fungus, cuts, etc ( not to gross you out even more)- DON’T WANT THAT! Or maybe I am reading into this too much ( I’ve got to cut back on watching horror movies).
I guess the same could be said about sharing your personal polish with friends and family- which I don’t.
Additionally, who is to say that doing it yourself is 100% perfect? Yes there are smudges from turning the page and or unscrewing the topcoat to go on the polish- but I digress, its still hygenically safer than a used bottle from the salon.
What is your take on this?


Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

you have a point...i do my own nails because im not pumping out $25 for mani or a what I call "an overpriced polish change". I do just as a good job as a manicurist.

Danielle said...

Hey, if Paula Abdul can get an infection from a salon pedicure, it can happen to anyone!

Lacroix said...

Thats aweful!