Saturday, October 10, 2009

When Lacroix Met Francois NARS

This past Thursday, October 8th, one of my dreams came true- I met Francois Nars at Saks Fifth Avenue here in NYC!
Let us rewind to last year for a moment- last September I stumbled upon Makeup Your Mind, the ultimate NARS product and tutorial guide, at the Strand at Union Square. I used to study it almost nightly ( until I found my full-time job).
Fast Forward to a few days ago, I arrived early and got my makeup done by Cindy, a NARS facialist who recommended NARS Soft Glow Foundation mixed with the Brightening Serum.
She then used the following to complete my 15 minute look ( I wanted to get in line early):
-New Black Liner in Blackness on the upper lash line
-Albatross from lid to brow
-Exhibit A Blush
-Desire blush right above the cheek bone
and my new favorite lip combination: Skorpios Shadow pencil ( a copper) with Revolt lipgloss on top!

After my mini-makeover and the purchase of my NARS loves New York Box ( more pics to come):

-Soho Nail Polish- deep metallic eggplant
-New York Single Eyeshadow- plum burgundy matte
-Uptown Girl Eyeshadow Duo- ( looks like Paris eyeshadow duo) grey and charcoal eyeshadows
-Orgasm Blush- no name change here

And gift with purchase Copacabana/ St Barths Multiple Duo!

Finally, I got in line and was so happy to finally see Francois Nars and Ayako- I was really nervous!
Then I got my book signed-
Francois Nars: Hello.. Lacroix? Where are you from?
Me: I'm from here, I mean San Diego, yeah.
FN: Ah, Ok. What is your favorite product Lacroix?
Me; Nirvana Blush
FN: Oh! a Classic! ( everyone chuckles)
Me: Yes, I love it
( FN begins to sign my bag): ok don't wash this.
Me: Trust me I wont, I'm going to put it in a time capsule for 30 years to pass down to my children.
( everyone at the table cracks up)
FN: So nice to meet you.
Me: So nice to meet you!


Terry said...

OMG!!! This must have been an amazing experience!!! I'm so glad you met FN and Ayako, one of the most talented Nars make-up artists!

Danielle said...

Maybe its the star-stricken celebrity glow, but you look gorgeous gorgeous! Not that you don't always :)