Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Readers

The Federal Trade Commission has stepped up their game with Bloggers as you and I know and refer to fellow bloggers, websites, etc for information on our purchases.
The FTC will soon require all writers on the internet to disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for product reviews- in short.

Well, I’m here to tell you- I have never received beauty freebies, trips, payments for product reviews nor am affiliated with a blogging network in which I would receive such.

All products reviewed on Lacroix the Beauty Blog are either funded by me, gift with purchase ( purchase funded by me), Sephora Freebies ( additionally funded by me once I spend $100), reviewed/ polled by friends ( again not affliated with companies nor networks that would give away/pay for product reviews).
All products reviewed are swatched, tested , purchased and are of my own opinion, I owe it to my readers to give you the whole beauty truth and nothing but the truth.

Just recently ( in the past 2 months) I have ventured into advertising. Yes, I do feature ads however, none of them are beauty related. I also hand pick the advertisers I choose to do business with so that my readers have quality as opposed to misleading ad links and products that I’ve never heard/ read about (have you seen those ones for basically counterfeit handbags?).

Please be assured, I will not mislead or mis-inform my readers as this is my hobby and I love to share information and products with you and hope to hear about your favorite products.

An example of this recently was Fashion’s Night Out, I went on my lunch break to the Chanel Soho Store to pick up the Jade and Jade Rose varnishes- paid for it with my own money and then thought, this would be really cool to giveaway to someone who reads my blog as I bet they would appreciate this as much as I would.
And that I did.
Call me pretentious, for fluffing my own feathers but if you didn’t love beauty as much as I do, why are you reading?
Now rock on with your beautiful selves!

xoxo Lacroix

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