Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010: Insects, Aliens, Alexander McQueen

Last night I tuned into Alexander McQueen's broadcast of his Spring 2010 show and didn't know what to expect- now I know. The future of the It shoe is six months away with the help of these 10-inch McQueen "Alien" shoes featured on the runway show. I anticipated a serious spill during the show but everyone trotted along (albeit at varying speeds).
The other standouts- the hair! The first batch of girls had insect inspired hair to match their print dresses while the aquatic girls had hair that looked like razor sharp wings.

Overall, the dresses look wearable but the hardware is definitely something I will be looking forward to in editorials until I get the shoes myself, what I will wear them with? Oh, just a t-shirt and jeans.

Video of the show is here and NSFW.

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