Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What would Phyllis Nefler wear today?

Happy 20th Anniversary Troop Beverly Hills!!

The girls and I are coming up with some ensemble costume ideas for Halloween, one of which includes the girls of Troop Beverly Hills.
Seriously, this was us in Jr. High School, living in So Cal.. ok maybe not ,but I bet you someone would get a patch for gemology from the Balboa Park Art Center.

With the glory of the 80’s in full revival mode for the umpteenth year, I have to ask- what would Phyllis Nefler’s makeup palette be today?
I would say back in ’89 she would have been a fan of Helena Rubenstein and or Revlon when she was having a moment while passing a Thrifty’s on La Brea en route home from an argument with the dude from Coach. She probably wore Giorgio Armani as well.
I’m thinking now she would be one of those women that were attached to Orgasm blush because the name is “sprite” but because it would complement her hair and she would be “hip and with it”. She would fancy Crème de Le Mer ( because who doesn’t!) and I bet her primary cosmetics line of choice would be La Prairie or something nostalgic that reminded her of a romantic getaway in her yesteryear.

As Halloween approaches and we still have to figure out what we are going to do, I hope this is at the top of our list ( I’m talking to you Erica, Anna, Ashley, Chloe)- I still know the “Cookie Time” song.
Here’s to you Phyllis!

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