Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beauty Review: Comic Con 2009

Today is the official last day of the San Diego Comic Con 2009, since I wasn't able to make it , I can't wait to get the lowdown from my little bro Sean tomorrow. Every year it has been the highlight of my summer- seeing my favorite characters dressed up and attending the sneak preview panel for the new movies coming out- comic based or not.
One of my favorite comic book character is Ororo Monroe. She is powerful, smart, beautiful and an inspiration to comic book fanboys and girls alike.

Ororo Monroe, better known as Storm was the right hand woman of Professor Xavier in X-Men- and looked fierce doing so. Born in New York City,she was also one of the first black comic book characters to burst on the scene in 1975.
Her signature white hair ( even when it labeled her as an outcast) and weather shifting capabilities enabled another force to be dealt with and she remained true to herself, even rocking a mohawk (take that Alice,Cassie, Rhianna, etc).

Here are some great Comic Con beauty qualifiers, to help you blend in among the lightsabers.

Eyeko Mascara- This is hands down one of the best mascaras out there.
Its unique brush coats every lash, lifting and lengthening- after usage, your eyes look like an Manga character. NO JOKE. Ulta and Sephora used to carry Eyeko but unfortunately its no longer available. You can get it across the pond in the UK or check it out on their website

Duwop Twilight- Yes, Twilight fans your product has come. Duwop will make a Twilight themed lip venom- Lip Venom V.
So if your plan is to snag a Cullen sometime soon, I'm sure you will be dying to sink your teeth on this. For the Twilight fans not in the know- Duwop lip venom is a gloss made with a lip plumper that makes your lips tingle. Boyfriends are perplexed but love your kisses. An extra added plus, its ready for pre-order here

Live Long and Prosper Con!

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