Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where to find: Givenchy Jelly Gillie Wedge Sandal

I've been on to these for over 4 months- no joke. In the Spring, a sales girl at Pas de deux had them, just earlier this month I saw the Givenchy Jellies in Army Green at the MGMT Concert at the Brooklyn Bandshell. I forgot to ask the woman wear she got them before we left.

I started doing research trying to figure out where on Earth can I get these :1. in my size (40 or 41) and 3. in the color I want ( Army Green or Taupe)

Then, I was perusing the weekly tabs and Kim Khardasian is wearing some Taupe ones while doing relief work ( truly versatile, no?) .

Barney's has them in Fucshia and Orange and virtually everyone is sold out or the color is meh.

Well DJ Lo and Behold- I got word that DSW has them online and has a coupon code- Free shipping and $25 off.

Will post with pics when they arrive next week!


bee said...

Congrats! I just bought these at dsw as well. I used a gift card plus three discount codes and I only had to pay $45 for them. I can't wait for mine.

RissaSOoHawt said...

Can you help me! i been literally looking as well for about a year now =[ nooo luck because its sold out everywhere .

Lacroix said...

Hey Rissa,
I would suggest you call a Barney's store to see if they have them or check Ebay.
They went quickly but there could be some overstock somewhere out there.
Good Luck!