Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MAC's Naked Honey Review

Compared to last year's Future Earth, Sci-fi and Solar Field 3 part collection, Naked Honey is as comparable as the current state of our current economy. I was really counting on the eyeshadows and lippies to be great, but found them to be dupes of many of the past season's wheat, gold standard. Queen bee lipglass was Bendel Girl Lipglass from the Henri Bendel collection of '07. The salve was a bit disappointing for $18, I wanted to like it so much but when thinking about it- all I saw was that I can get 3 Smith's Rosebud salves for 1 MAC Honey Salve, yeah-no.

Yes, I am late in the game as this collection has been out since May but I just so happened to pop into the Soho store this past weekend to see if any new MAC collections were noteworthy.
They did have the displays out for Color Craft but again, nothing caught my eye. :(

Fall 2009 should prove to be strong as Style Black will re-introduce Mattenes, a new Creamsheen black lipstick and Bat Black Creme Color base that rivals Beauty Marked.

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