Friday, July 24, 2009

Skin Review: Ole Henrikson Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser

Aloe Vera for me has always been associated with the first thing I put on after leaving the beach and prior to plopping in front of the tv. Something cool to put on your skin after being in the sun all day and the extra added bonus was because it was in the fridge- its an icy chill that melts the sting of the sun.
I would have never thought that its properties could be applied to a cleanser or a deep cleanser that was mild enough to use everyday and do the job. Well now I've had a chance to test it out.
A few weeks ago my cube mate gave me some Ole Henrikson Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser, I've been hooked on it for about 2 weeks. With the wacky weather of the North East, my oil-slick face is now getting stickier because of the humidity and the rain is not helping at all. In the morn, my canvas is clear with minimal makeup, by days end- I'm a fast food grease trap just waiting to be cleaned- and thats when the cleanser steps in!
I like to apply on my face it sans water to work it through and then rinse it off. The result- clean and fresh without too too much moisture but also without dryness.
Now that my sample is running low, I know I can head over to Sephora to get it- I bet the girls on Broadway are tired of seeing me, I'm in there literally every other day.
An extra added plus- the cleanser contains no sulfates, synthetic fragrance or petro-chemicals so sensitives can enjoy too!

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