Friday, June 5, 2009

Brown, Bronzed and Beautiful!

Bronzers for the bronzed

Though it sounds damn near impossible, it’s not. As being on the North East for almost a year, I do miss my year around golden tone bestowed upon me by La Jolla, Del Mar and Coronado.
Alas, I can use something to (temporarily) get me golden!

What’s so great now is that there are plenty o’ options, whether you want to look matte and have it act like a blush, or care for a dash of color. Bronzer is out there for us all.

My faves:
Bronzer Stick- NARS Rapanui – easy to blend and you can use over or under your foundation or concealor.

Bronzer Powder – MAC Refined Golden and YSL Bronzer #2- MAC gives a great glow with shimmer while YSL’s is Matte. MAC has 3-4 (depending on if there is a color story with a limited bronzer) YSL has 4 mattes- both with a variance of different yellow and red tones in them.

Bronze with Color- Guerlain Bronze in dark has really cool palette with coral-y- pink that gives a pop of color to deeper tones.

Too Many Options but one has to work Bronzer- Physician’s formula. Seriously, I think they may have 30 different combinations of bronzers! But you have to see if drugstore brands have the pigments in them to ward of looking chalky and ashy. I haven’t tried this brand but there has to be at least 1 that would work.

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