Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Set in their ways, an older generation..

At my last job, I couldn't help but notice my the makeup of my co-worker who sat directly across from me. She looked like a snow queen- on purpose. Someone told her she looked like Snow White and it was her mission to look like her daily- fine by me. But her attitude was rotten.

Not only that, she would sit and name drop all of the products she ordered off of QVC and HSN and I cringed. But what terrified me the most was she would say that she used Bare Minerals but her face was matte, matte like the old Cover girl in the 80's that looked like calamine lotion.
I just grinned and bared it.

A nicer co-worker was stuck back in the day too, again with matte and I began to think if my department was time warped or was I jaded because I had access to the "now", the persistence to go to the counter and check out "new formulas" or see what trends were. Was I wrong for thinking that their matte was a blunder? or was I young, dumb and wasting my money on things that actually helped my skin look as natural as possible?

I still don't know, sometime I go to the counter and think- what would help me look like me, not cover me like my former co-workers. but there is a generational difference at hand too-3 generations.

Who am I to say that the matte generation is/was wrong but I question it now just like they question tinted moisturizers and blogging. Ah the memories.

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