Friday, June 12, 2009

Save Lacroix!

I’ve been seriously avoiding this post but have been tuning into and for more developments. The recession has taken a chunk of high fashion labels and brought them down to facing artistry vs. sales in the most serious way. Labels like Aquascutum, Luella and Versace has been restructuring and or folding. Unfortunately Christian Lacroix is in the same boat.
The short? Basically he’s been designing for his own label for free, profits are down which means people are not getting paid. The possibility for the Fall ’09 collection being manufactured? None. Couture show in July? No.
So, you mean to tell me that I only had one chance to go to the Lacroix show in ’07 and I blew it!?!
Please Save Lacroix!

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IbisCaraib said...

You know, I've been wondering how you have been holding up with that. I hope things work out... and there is a couture show!