Monday, June 29, 2009

Gunmetal Talon Knucklebuster

Jewelry for me has been a journey, I'm really picky plus I like a bit of edge i.e bone casting, twisted metal but with an earthy feel and an everyday appeal ( I want to wear it to work you know). I found Made Her Think's Gunmetal Talon Knucklebuster at Save Fashion last month at the Port Authority and immediately Anna said "it's so you" and I concur. Being that dazzling up my wardrobe is such a rarity, I wondered how I can pull off a ring like this?

Upon me purchasing the ring, I just missed the creator of the brand Meredith Kahn but I had to reach for the talon ring in all its Swavarski Crystaled glory and I love wearing it. It instantly dresses up my blah t-shirt and jeans routine on the weekend or my happy hour attire at 5:30pm.

From what I know, Meredith is a Brooklyn based designer whose Gunmetal Talon ring has been on some celebs- Rhianna being one. Her site is a amazing to say the least. The film is pure art, its hauntingly refreshing and piques my curiosity of what's to come next. So far, a collection is inspired by Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Pre working for a jewelry designer last year, I had no clue what into the hard work and creativity we experience, a true craft. I didn't even own any piece except for my trusty Fleur de Lis earrings that I picked up from Forever 21-that seems to have outlasted every piece of anything I have bought there.

Check out Made Her Think here

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