Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dark as the night, cool as the ground: Phoenix at Terminal 5

I've been a fan since United, and when tickets went on sale in April- I was all over it!
After getting lost ( story of my life) I met friends at Terminal 5 in Midtown West.
If Moon is the film of the year thus far, then Phoenix was the concert of the year. Despite Wolfgang Amedeus leaning toward the synth-euro pop feel rather than their guitar-heavy-dare-I-say- folky albums of yesteryear.
It was nice to celebrate their graduation into popular mass play but at the same time I craved the small venue feel and less synth.
Any how it was fantastic!

My look for the show was Nars Angel Island lined under the eye ( I have been experimenting heavily with pastel liner under my eyes some Dolce Vita blush and lipstick. H&M "Balenciaga- ish shoulder top and skinny black jeans. A little out of place in the sea of boardhshorts and t-shirts, but I wasn't moved.

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