Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Backlash on the Noir Lèvres?

I know in the past many of you have sported this look- the My Lips but Lighter. Maybe it was back when you your nails were decked out in Hard Candy’s Sky nailpolish and listening to “ Miss World” or “I’m So Into You” ( or maybe both). While getting your Hole and SWV on, the nude and or pink lips were accompanied by either MAC’s Spice, Chestnut or Wet and Wild’s 666 lip liner to make the zinc lips look “good”.
Never the less, everything comes full circle- so now we have Rhianna in the Vogue Italia supplement doing the same, rocking the super light lip of the 80’s and 90’s that reminds me of camp surf movies- a la North Shore.
In any case, I ‘ve tried and failed at this look three too many times. First it was the trial and error with MAC’s Chai after it was noted that many people used this lipglass as a nude- fine by me though not for me unfortunately.
Seeing the VI editorial is beautiful, and it helps that was shot in black and white but in real life, the look would look sour.

Could this be the “backlash” ( or “Blacklash”) on the fall Noir Lèvres? Or is this attempt to be “ different” in the change of season?

Photo: Fashionista.com


rayqueenbee said...

Rihanna is such a cutie when it comes to bringing back certain trends. I really like her for that because she brings it back with an addition of 2k9 style.

Lacroix said...

I agree rayqueenbee, I wonder what else she will bring back..hmm..

latina makeup and beauty said...

Cool Blog... Love your photos!!

Lacroix said...

Thank you Luis! I love your blog and your lip recommendations!