Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Chanel, My Belle!: The body suit of my dreams

I've had this on-going love affair with something so futuristic, beautiful, powerful yet very very impractical for my budget- the Chanel cashmere and silk bodysuit and leggings from the Fall Winter 2009 RTW collection.
For the price of a 2000 Honda Accord, or about 3 months rent- you can have this killer outfit- and I want it! Where will I wear it?, I dunno- I guess I could treat it as long johns and it can insulate me in the winter when its 2 degrees outside. I'll proudly wear a smile knowing that something warm, fuzzy and blessed by Karl is being worn.
What I really wonder is, why was this created in the midst of a recession Karl?! Its not fair! Its not like I could have afforded it anyway- but why couldn't this come out say 2 years ago when you did the whole "Americana Blue Jean" RTW show for Spring 2008.

Topshop, H&M, make my wish come true at 95% off.

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