Monday, September 28, 2009

Sold Out: Yves Saint Laurent Frozen Plum Sheer Sensual Gloss Stick

Someone. Help. Me. Please.

After going to Bloomingdales in Soho to do some Fall look research, I wanted to purchase the YSL Frozen Plum Gloss Stick as I have a more summery toned one, Frozen Plum would be the nice introduction to Fall. Plus after testing it a while back- I have not stopped thinking about how much I love the texture, weight and of course- color!

Well, everyone one else sure does love it as much as I do! If not more! this is a frenzy- its SOLD OUT. Not on, Sephora on Fifth Ave, not in Bloomies,, am I going to have to call the YSL store?

Susan, Soho Bloomie's YSL business manager assured me that Frozen Plum would be restocked on Thursday. Ok now, no pushing come Thursday.

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