Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lavande-bot with Chanel Wild Tulip lipstick

Just had to share my love for Chanel's Wild Tulip Hydrabase Lipstick, I found it just recently and its a great rival to Chanel's Imaginaire Glossimer- basically, its the lipstick form of the gloss. A beautiful sheer plum berry that give the lips a much needed kick!

Yes, it is full of iridescence but is not at all "Granny Frosty" which is quite impressive as my peeve with Chanel lippies is that they lack actual cream formulas ( just like their Glossimers- Giggle and Glaze are seriously their only cremes, can I get a witness?). A sheer bit goes a long way- actually for me it made it through my vanilla tea and some yogurt for breakfast, even when I used some Smith's Rosebud Salve as a base prior to applying.

It's a top pic for an on the go Happy Hour lippie.

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