Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chanel Jade and Jade Rose Nail polish pics!

As modeled with Lavande- Bot.

Compared to MAC's Peppermint Patti, Chanel Jade has shimmer ( mint green sparkly flecks) where as Peppermint Patti is very creamy sans shimmer.

Jade on Left, Peppermint Patti on Right

I have yet to open Jade Rose but it will be the most wearable of the two in the Chanel collection.
It too has shimmer ( baby pink sparkly flecks) and is pinker than Chanel's Ballerina .


Terry said...

Jade looks gorgeous! I'm so looking forward to buying it!!!

Lacroix said...

I love it too! I'm hoping it will catch on like Black Satin so that I can wear it at work!

deepak said...

British racing green is one of my favorite FAVORITE colors!
tammy taylor