Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion's Night Out Wrap-up

Its been a exhausting week, waving good-bye to summer, seeing the sunset at 7pm, the crisp-ness of waking up in the morning.. hello Fall! oh and New York Fashion Week!
Let's not forget, Anna Wintour rallied to troupes to 3 Boroughs to celebrate Fashion's Night Out. While I mediocre disposable funds, I did manage to enjoy some sights, sounds and sludge ( rain!) along the way:

- 11:00am at Chanel in Soho to get Jade Nail Polish
- almost Ran into Philip Lim who was doing final touches to his window display on Mercer
- 6:00 pm Opening Ceremony= Zoo! People pouring everywhere, I feel underdressed and stressed. no sightings
- 6:30pm back to Soho for Chanel Manicure- line way too long
-Kids are lined up along Mercer.. heard Kid Cudi was around.
- 7-9pm- B-day party break in Mid-town
-9:00pm off to Bergdorf Goodman where Andrew Andrew is spinning ( I love those two!)
-9:30pm walking down to Saks, pass Versace and can't figure out whats going on
-9:45pm @Saks, no freebies but see girls with YSL manifesto totes ( its that time again?!)
-10:15pm go to YSL- no more totes
-10:30pm see Sarah Brown , Beauty Director at Vogue in Barney's - almost say something but am too frozen.
-11:00pm Zoo continued at Opening Ceremony- scored some free Cinnamon icecream from Van Leeuwen ice cream

Don't know if this night was a success- didn't see too many shopping bags :(
What was your FNO like?

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