Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Hang Over Kit

It's kinda odd posting this on Tuesday.. assuming this week was not a 3 day weekend.Aww the start of summer! In comes the warm weather, late night parties, drinks, dancing.. ( ok, you get the slippery slope here) but have you thought about the morning after? Probably so.. The bag in your car that contains flip-flops to wear in case your heals hurt ( especially for Vegas), the extra shirt for when you someone bumps into you with their drink, even a perfume sample before heading over to Denny’s…you get it.

Me and my friend Kim compiled a list of items to get us through the next morning when you don’t feel so great ( and the way you feel accompanies the way you look). And what’s so great? It can all fit in a plastic bag .

MAC Studio Touch-Up stick
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
Brush and Hair pins
Clean & Clear Blot films
Mints/ Gum
Pepto Tablets
Stain Remover Pen ( Tide)
Facial Wipes
Extra undies.

Party on... and on.

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