Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shine-Free Summer

take some shine off, but how.. I know its hard. the sun the suncreen the tinted moisturizer..etc. I wash my face and it gets oily after 3 minutes :( and I used to have to continually blot the day away until I was oil-free... but I have to say that this method is better that having your forehead as a reflector.

I've tried some other methods to make my day "grease-less" and they have worked but I don't think that there is anything in the world to make super oily skin fail safe.
For a cleanser Ivory Soap is good, basic and cheap. I have oily yet sensative skin and it takes the oil away and balances the moisture of my skin.
My fave toner ( that works almost a little too well) is Kiehl's Blue Astringent. I don't like to use this during the day because it takes all of the oil out of my skin and actually makes me have to use a moisturizer! so I reserve this for going out at night so that my foundation or tinted moisturizer can add some balance. ** if you are sensative to alcohol the Kiehls Tea Tree works too**

Blot powder was my friend not too long ago too. I still have MAC Blot Powder stashed away somewhere. I like the fact that I could powder my nose, reduce shine and have little to no pigment weighing it down which meant no cakiness.

Last but not least are Blot films.Clean and Clear, MAC and Victoria's Secret all make great ones. they dont remove makeup just the oil..

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paola said...

I use a shielding lotion before putting on any make-up to help the skin stay hydrated throughout the day. Additionally to retaining skin's own moisture, it provides protection from irritating substances you come in contact with (like allergens that can be encountered in makeup products). Works great for me:)