Saturday, June 2, 2007

Max Factor: Naughty and Nice Collection

SO I have never tried MaxFactor before. When I think of the brand- I think of the pancake foundation they had in the 50's.
Last week I was checking out Page Six and saw these ads- I didn't understand. Are they selling jewelry? but the lipgloss looks really good...
Low and behold in my inbox is a Naughty or Nice e-mail... Before I shoved it to spam, I opened it. To my surprise these Maxilicious lip glosses look appealing. Since these are found in the drugstore, it may be some time before I actually get to see them in stores... so I'll give these by mid-month to be at my Longs.


applediva said...

I have noticed that I do not see MF in Target nor CVS. Please let me know what stores you have found MF.

Lacroix said...

Will do!
I have a feeling they will be out by mid-month.. but they shouldn't tempt us without actually having the product to offer.